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Anyone for tennis? 

With the start of Wimbledon imminent, UK will see a surge in the popularity of tennis for the coming few months.There will be new converts to tennis and some who haven’t played in a long time. 
Playing tennis is fun and offers a great opportunity to socialize and to compete. It is easy and inexpensive to get started in tennis. Tennis is a great family activity. 
Tennis can be played at any age, 5-95, and allows for social play or competition at varying levels of expertise. As tennis is not a contact sport, you can play it as often as you like. If competitive tennis is not your cup of tea, how about Cardio Tennis? Cardio tennis is all about burning calories and getting fit, while hitting a ball rather than playing the game. 
Tennis is fun
Are your kids eager to swing a racquet? 
Maybe you can inspire them by playing with them? It is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the family. Here are some tips to get your kids onto the courts and have some fun: 
Don’t wait for the weather to improve to introduce young children to tennis! Blow up a few balloons and let them swat them. They’ll get an initial feel for the racquet, get some exercise, and have some fun. 
Be patient and encouraging. 
Be a positive role model – smile, laugh, have fun, and remember that tennis should be a game before it becomes a sport. 
Choose a time your child is happy and has lots of energy. 
Be patient and make games up to encourage practice! 
Be sure to pack a water bottle, that the kids are dressed comfortably, and that if playing outdoors, everyone’s wearing sunscreen. 
Make it a fun social connection, with group lessons and family matches. 
Tennis frog
At Woodside we often see a rise in tennis related injuries just post Wimbledon. Most tennis injuries are shoulder and elbow injuries and occasionally knees and ankle injuries. Common tennis injury causes: 
Wrong sized racquet or grip 
Poor stroke technique 
Poor muscle conditioning and strength 
Not stopping when injured 
Start slowly and gradually 
Get the right sized racquet and appropriate shoes for the type of surface the game is played on 
Training to include muscle strengthening and conditioning to avoid fatigue 
Get appropriate coaching for your level to avoid incorrect technique. 
Warm up and cool down with the correct stretches. A warm-up will also improve the effectiveness of training and improve athletic performance. 
After a tennis session, players need to take the time to properly cool-down and stretch. This helps sustain muscles and keep them flexible, which are both important parts of avoiding injuries 
Stop when injured and do not play through the injury. Give the injury ample time to recover before playing again. If the injury does not settle ask your physiotherapist or osteopath for advice. 
Tennis like most other sports, when played regularly provides physical, physiological, and psychological benefits. These benefits include, burning calories, reduction of blood pressure and reduction of stress. Tennis also improves your coordination and balance. Tennis boosts brain health because you need to stay focused, devise strategy and make split-second decisions. It also improves your mood and provides greater self-esteem and making people less anxious. 
If you already have injuries or worries about your tennis elbow or your shoulder or back, please book an appointment to see one of Woodside Clinic's Osteopaths or Physiotherapists before the injury gets worse. 
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