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Peaceful Mind 

NHS figures show that one in 25 of us suffer from anxiety disorder, while one in 10 are affected by depression during our lives, so the importance of looking after our mental health should not be underestimated. Not only does it result in a more positive outlook, it improves our physical health too. According to, depression has been linked to a 67% increased risk of death from heart disease and a 50% increased risk of death from cancer. Poor mental health should not be ignored!! 
While it is not unusual to feel low for short, self-limiting periods, more persistent or severe feelings can be a sign of depression. We all have days where we struggle to smile but this generally lifts after a day or two. Prolonged periods of poor sleep, overwhelming feelings of anxiety, persistent low mood, reduced appetite or tearfulness over a long period are warning signs that need further investigation. If in doubt, please professional help – book an appointment with your GP. 
To boost your mental health and wellbeing, here are few ideas to tweak your lifestyle: 
Not sure exactly why, but exercise is very effective at boosting mood. Take every opportunity to swim, go for a jog/run, power walk, yoga, Pilates or play squash or tennis. It’s not so much what you do but that fact you are doing something. NHS research shows that the people who exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet are 30% less likely to feel depressed. 
Sleep Better 
Weakend immune system, anxiety and depression are associated with poor sleep. It’s important to establish a good sleep routine and stick to it to allow your body to become conditioned to familiar patterns. 
Manage Stress 
Try to create boundaries at work and home – don’t worry about work tasks at home and also don’t bring home stresses to work. Set priorities and focus on one task at a time. Don't try to multitask all the time. Use a to-do-list and prioritise tasks and set deadlines. Having a to-do-list and ticking next to tasks completed is very satisfying! 
Eat Well 
Food has the power to positively affect our mood, so fill up on lean protein and foods that realease their energy slowly. Foods such as porridge oats, wholegrains, nuts and seeds are good examples of slow-releasing energy food types. Eating little and often helps to keep blood sugar levels stable which in turn helps to keep your mood elevated. Decrease the amount of alcohol and caffeine intake, as both can make you feel anxious and depressed after the initial buzz wears off. 
Relax and Connect 
Whether you are passionate about yoga, walking, reading, baking or sewing – why not pursue it? Also, enjoying these activities with like-minded people will help widen you social circle and can increase your sense of belonging. Why not join a local group? Taking part in activities you enjoy and relax can be satisfying and gives you a sense of purpose and develops a network of people. 
Why not join a yoga or Pilates class at Woodside Clinic in Leighton Buzzard? Click here for the current studio timetable. 
For further help or advice speak to your GP or refer to this NHS website: 
Please click here for more information on our counselling service
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