Dunstable: 01582 608 400 
Leighton Buzzard: 01525 372 447 
Dunstable: 01582 608 400 
Leighton Buzzard: 01525 372 447 

Pregnancy Massage 

Pregnancy massage provides the mum-to-be time to unwind in a peaceful & soothing environment. The baby can also benefit from endorphins released by the mother. 
Although pregnancy can be a wonderful experience, it is also the time of greatest change within the mother’s body. This can put strain & pressure on the joints, ligaments & organs, which may cause aches, discomfort & ailments from back pain to swollen ankles, which massage can help to alleviate. Particular care for the mother’s comfort & safety is taken, with most women opting to use a side-lying position. 
Pregnancy massage can help with: 
Muscular tension caused by hormonal & postural changes 
Muscle spasm & cramping 
Sciatic Pain 
Swelling & Oedema 
Sleep issues 
Reduce headaches 
Relieve heartburn 
Balance mood-swings 
Support depression 
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