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Dunstable: 01582 608 400 
Leighton Buzzard: 01525 372 447 

Woodside Clinic Pre-Treatment Information 

Welcome to Woodside Clinic. This pre-treatment information sheet is to give you information about your consultation with one of our practitioners and it is essential that you read all of it before signing Woodside Clinic’s consent form. All our practitioners are trained to the high standards required for membership of the country’s leading governing body for their profession and are registered with their governing bodies. 
During your consultation, your practitioner will take a detailed case history from you, including details of your current and past health issues. This is an essential part of your consultation and could influence the treatment you receive. It is therefore essential that you convey as much information to your practitioner as required. 
After the case history has been taken, your practitioner will explain their thoughts regarding the nature of your complaint and discuss with you the examination they need to carry out. Prior to your examination, you may be asked to undress to your undergarments. However if you feel very uncomfortable with this request please discuss this with your practitioner. Loose fitting clothes or leggings, for example, may be accommodated. We know that some people may feel nervous so you are welcome to bring a chaperone into the treatment room with you if you wish. 
Should you have any questions about your examination, please do not hesitate to discuss these with your practitioner beforehand and they will try their best to answer any queries that may arise. Following your examination, your practitioner will be able to explain their working diagnosis and outline the treatment plan they intend to use to alleviate the problem and help you look forward to a good recovery. 
If you are seeing an osteopath or physiotherapist, they will use a variety of techniques from soft tissue massage techniques to joint manipulations. The number of treatments required varies from person to person. After a treatment you may feel stiff or sore for a few hours and up to as much as 72 hours. Icing and ibuprofen may help or if you are concerned, please call us. If you are seeing a podiatrist, please be aware they may use sharp medical instruments where necessary to carry out the treatment. 
In order to ensure your treatment has maximum benefit, we would appreciate you follow certain guidelines: 
1. Please turn up promptly for each of your appointments. 
2. Please inform us in advance if anything has altered significantly between treatments which might affect your recovery or which might place additional stress (physical or emotional) on you. 
3. If you cannot make an appointment, we request at least 24 hours notice (excluding weekends). 
a. If you are a private patient a charge may have to be made for your missed appointment. 
b. If you are an NHS funded patient, if you miss any appointments we reserve the right to discharge you back to your GP. 
4. If you are funded by Private Healthcare, please check what your limit is. Any policy excess will be your responsibility. If you miss an appointment or provide a cancellation notice of less than 24 hours (excluding weekends), it is your responsibility to pay for the appointment. 
5. Cancellation will be actioned by the clinic between 8.30AM – 5.30PM, Monday to Friday. Please do not cancel appointments using email. 
Clinical information is held about you to ensure that our health professionals have a complete and continuous record about your medical history, including treatments and care. Sometimes it is necessary to share this with other healthcare professionals involved in your care, such as your GP or consultant. 
You explicitly consent to us creating and storing medical records concerning your treatment, which may include details concerning your medication, treatment and other issues affecting your health conditions, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These records will be retained for eight years, (or until you reach 25 in the case of someone aged 16 - 18), when treatment is ceased in order to comply with the legal guidelines. These records will be processed in accordance with Woodside Clinic’s Privacy Notice. 
If you have any questions, please email us on or call us on 01582 608400 or 01525 372447 before your appointment with the therapist. 
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