Dunstable: 01582 608 400 
Leighton Buzzard: 01525 372 447 
Dunstable: 01582 608 400 
Leighton Buzzard: 01525 372 447 

Physiotherapy in Leighton Buzzard - Dunstable 

What is physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy helps to restore the body’s normal movement and capability when impaired by injury, illness or disability. Benefitting all ages, physiotherapy takes a holistic view, considering how lifestyle, work and cultural factors can affect the patient and what can be done to improve healing, increase strength and retain independence. 

What conditions could physiotherapy help me with? 

Muscle and joint aches and pains 
Arthritic pain 
Back pain ( For more info on lower back pain click here) 
Circulatory problems 
Headaches arising from neck problems 
Digestion problems 
Minor sports injuries and tensions 
Post-Surgical rehabilitation 
"As an athlete, Woodside have supported me physically throughout any injuries or issues that I have had. Thanks to them, I am able to achieve my goals and have the peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, Woodside are there to help." Jessica 
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Depending on your condition your physiotherapist might use manual therapy, massage, stretching, exersise or electrotherapy (usually ultra Sound). 
Through manual therapy the physiotherapist will be aiming to mobilise joints and soft tissues to relieve pain, promote relaxation as well as improving circulation and movement. 
In addition you'll be given valuable advice on exercises, stretching and posture that you can continue at home that will speed recovery and prevent recurrence. You may also be offered suggestions on diet and lifestyle that could improve your general well-being and prevent the recurrence of any condition. 
Your first session with one of our physiotherapists will start by discussing the nature and extent of your problem. It’s likely there would be a physical examination too where you’ll be asked to perform a range of movements to help the physiotherapist assess how your condition is affecting you and identify the most effective way to address it. 
Before any treatment they’ll explain what improvements you’re likely to see and the length of time it could take. 
How can I find out more? Would like more information or to speak to one of our physiotherapists? All our physiotherapists are registered with the HCPC and CSP. 
Just fill the form below with your query in the message box and someone will be in touch: 
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